About Frank


Dr. Frank Pickard lives in Tucson, Arizona with his beautiful wife, Lynn. To date, he has published seven novels and a textbook on Theatre Arts.  In the American Nomad series, Frank enthralled readers with the story of an American family finding their way through adversity and loss with humor, strength, and love. The Brooklyn Bishop Series tells the powerfully provocative tale of mystery, intrigue, and power that will keep the pages turning well into the night. Frank is currently working on another work of fiction titled, Omega Sisters, a  thought provoking story of five elderly women who return to college. Future publications include The Surrogate and a second horror novel titled Veritas.  


Frank received his MFA and PhD from the University of Arizona. He worked in higher education for nearly forty years. Frank's novels range from romance, to complex human interest, to crime and mystery, to the realm of the paranormal. Frank is an avid journalist and is known to frequent his favorite university hangouts where he enjoys meeting with students, family and friends over a pint.  Although Frank's home is in the desert, he feels most at ease when he occasionally visits the beautiful state of Hawaii where he grew up with his brother, Charlie.


Charlie, a principle character in the American Nomad Series, attended Lahainaluna Technical boarding school in the early-to-mid 1960's. Frank's memories from these visits to Lahaina with his family are some of  the most precious to him.

This picture was taken on Maui.  In the background is Pu'u Keka'a, or Black Rock, as mentioned in the novels, Luna, as well as Songs for the Soul and My Haole Brother.

Occasionally, he likes to travel to the East Coast where he visits with friends, drops into favorite restaurants and bars, and engages in other activities like kayaking and hiking. Old Town Alexandria is a favorite haunt for restaurants, shops and galleries. This picture was taken at a lovely restaurant called VIRTUE. If you're ever there, walking down King Street, drop into Murphy's for a pint, or into Black Wall Hitch on the pier for great seafood. Visit Val Proudkii's gallery in the Torpedo Factory next door. And, if you feel really adventurous, then visit the Key Bridge boathouse on the DC shore and rent a kayak or SUP board for the day.